What We Do

It is my top priority to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all children in my care. My goal is to provide a home away from home. We laugh, we play, we cry, and comfort when needed, and we are always learning.

I have toys for all ages. The kids enjoy learning and developing though puzzles, blocks, Legos, and more. They also enjoy expanding their imagination through pretend play and dress up.  

Learning and development is so vital at each stage. We work with each child at the level they are at to help them get to the next. 

For each child aged from 0-2 years old, we develop an individual development plan. Despite the age, every child is at a different stage and place of development. We work with and monitor each child individually to assess where they are personally at with their development. We then work with them through various ways to help them get to the next level of whatever it is they are working towards. 

For preschoolers, ages 3 to school age, I provide a preschool curriculum which we use 3-5 days per week. Our preschool consists of curriculum from BookShark, Learning Without Tears, and Montessori. Although I am not a certified teacher, the curriculum meets state standards on all subjects.

We love reading! I have many books of all kinds. We go on multiple adventures through the pages before us. 

We love to sing! I use songs for education as well. No better way to remember something than to get it stuck in your head with a good tune. Aside from educational songs, we are known to randomly break out into a dance party.

Outside play is essential to development! Running, stretching, exercising, playing in the grass, and even in the mud, can be so beneficial. We have a daily routine of physical activity, and it is adjusted to fit each child’s personal ability. Plus, loads of free time for imaginary play outside, as the weather permits. 

Teaching social skills is important as well. I will support skills which I’m sure are being learned at home. Vital skills such as sharing, patience, respect among peers, as well as for adults.  

Unfortunately, sometimes our little ones may get into trouble. Discipline is an important part of teaching. When necessary, I use timeouts (age appropriate), or losing a privilege (ie. 5 min lost from outside time, a specific toy, etc.) as means of discipline. It is always explained to the child why such actions are being taken. Also making sure the child is learning a better way to handle whatever situation they were involved in, in the first place. 

It is vital that you, the parent, and I are on the same page with what is happening. If we work together and openly it will provide more stability for the child. They will know that we are a team and what they can expect from both of us. This will also create more secure feeling for your little one, and smoother transitions from home to daycare and back again. 

All in all, we spend our days playing, learning, and having fun!

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