Payment is due every other Friday by end of business day, and will be advance payment for the following weeks of care. I accept cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check as forms of payment. If a check is ever returned, there will be fee to cover any bank charges I incur. Moving forward, you will also be required to pay using cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Your weekly cost holds your spot here in my daycare. This means, if your child is absent for any of the time he is supposed to be here, the weekly cost will remain the same. This ensures you keep your spot in this daycare. The only exemption is that you may take up to 2 weeks (a Monday through Friday week) of vacation per year at ½ of your weekly cost, and your spot in the daycare will be held. These weeks can be taken 1 week at a time or the 2 weeks together.


I am open Monday-Friday from 6am to 6pm. You will find that my hours are longer than most home daycares. I am trying to accommodate as many hours as I can for families who need daycare a little earlier or a little later. But please keep in mind that I have a family also. I ask that you are punctual and do not drop off or pick up your child outside of my open hours.   

If any child is here beyond open hours, there will be a fee of $1 per minute that they are here outside of regular open hours. If this becomes a consistent issue, which will be left to my discretion, it can be cause for termination of your contract. 

Any payments more than 3 days late will incur a late fee of $25. If any payment is more than a week late that will instigate immediate termination of your contract.

Days Off:


I will provide a list of specific holidays I will be closed during the year. It will include all standard National Holidays. When a holiday lands on a weekend it will be observed on either the Friday before or the Monday after.


I will take up to 2 weeks of vacation per year. I will provide as much notice as I possibly can, but no less than 2 weeks in advance. This will allow you time to arrange for alternate care for your child.

Personal Days:

There may be days in the year that I need to take off as a personal day. I will limit these as much as possible, but will take them as necessary. When possible, I will provide as much advanced notice as possible. 

Example of personal days needed off are, but not limited to, the following: extreme illness, necessary appointments, personal emergencies.

Releasing Your Child:

I will only release a child to a parent or someone on the emergency contact form. If I have not met the person picking up the child before, I will require ID at pick up. They will be asked to show it before entering the home. This is for all the children in my care’s protection.

Additional Information

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Meals and Snacks:

I provide breakfast and lunch, along with a morning and afternoon snack as well.  If your child arrives after these times please be sure they have eaten before arriving. 

Please inform me of any allergies.  

Sweets may be an occasional treat but not a regular occurrence.


The main items you will need to provide are diapers and formula. I will provide wipes.  

I will also be providing any and all supplies used for projects and fun.  

Parents will not be required to contribute to the project and fun fund, but donations are always welcome and would be used 100% toward the kids as a group.


To be respectful to all belief systems and not cause any reason for discomfort by anyone, I do not include any holiday or birthday celebrations/activities/ect. in my daycare. I understand these are very important times to many, but to remain consistent and fair, this policy cannot be broken. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Illness/Sick Children:

Any child who has had a fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea in the last 24 hours must be kept at home. This is to ensure the safety of the other children. A child who has exhibited these symptoms within the last 24 hours could still be contagious. 

If a child becomes ill while in my care I will contact you immediately, and the child will be required to be picked up within 1 hour.

Medications: I do not currently have paperwork to administer medication of any kind. Per state licensing regulations, all medications, whether they are prescription or over the counter medications (also includes vitamins), must be administered by the parent, and cannot be administered by myself, or kept in my home.

Termination of Care:

A 2 week notice is required by you or myself if care is to be terminated for any reason. Payment will be due whether or not you bring your child to daycare in this time period. This allows time for you to find alternate care, as well as for me to fill your spot. The only time immediate termination is allowed is if either party breaks contract, or does not follow the policies laid out, and it causes a problem for the other party.

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